By richardawh22379106, Jan 20 2017 04:43PM

My purpose of starting a blog is simple. I have been an attorney licensed to practice in the State of California for over 43 years. I have accumulated a great deal of knowledge that would be helpful to persons who are seeking information about the two disability programs administrated by the Social Security Administration.

The first program is called the SSDI program which is focused on disability benefits for persons who have worked for most of their adult life. The benefits received vary on how much each person contributes to the Social Security trust fund. The second program is the Supplemental Security Income program. This program provides benefits for all persons who are age 65 and meet the financial requirements; i.e. low income status. However, Supplemental Security Income, better known as SSI can be paid to persons under age 65 if they are disabled.

My plan is to set forth a series of “blogs” addressing topics of interest to persons who may be looking into qualifying for one or both of these programs administered by the Social Security Administration. My first topic will be to address how a person’s age is taken into consideration by Social Security to determine if benefits are available to that person.